Datin Umminajah Salleh
I teach at one of the malaysia's top university, everyday my day starts from 5am, thus I need lots of energy and stamina. For past 6 years, I have been taking High Blood Pressure Pills, until my sister recommended me Celergen.

Now it is coming to year since I started. Not only I can get up easily at 5am, my stamina lasted till 5pm with a need for taking a nap in the afternoon.

My High Blood Pressure readings will shoot up whenever I forget to take it usually when that happens my blood pressure exclates from 120/70 to 180/100. But now with Celergen, even i forget my medication, my pressure is maintained at 154/93
Datin Umminajah Salleh (Shah Alam, Malaysia) 51
Amy Chong,
"Today is my last chemo! Thanks to Celergen & Vita18, I've felt good, look better had min chemo/radio therapy side effects over past 14 months of cancer treatement."
Amy Chong, 25 Nov 2015
Dr. Ali Arshak 31,
"My Friend Told Me That Celergen Is A Natural Viagra Without any side Effects Because It Is A Food Supplement......
Here Is Very Greatful To Me Because He No Longer Suffers From Sexual Dysfunction..."
Dr. Ali Arshak 31, United Arab Emirates